Uncle Spudd

The story of Uncle Spudd is the story of a joke that has been taken too far. Scott Cole, who hails from Skowhegan, started the joke in 2014 with his friends, Tyler Voter and Jake Poirer and though the band has been through some changes over the years, Scott has always been at the helm on lead guitar and writing the majority of songs. Perhaps the best way to describe Uncle Spudd is a punk band that has outgrown the label of ‘punk’. Over the past three years that the band has been in existence, the songs have evolved from silly pop-punk tunes about freedom and crystal meth to the deeper and far more musically complex songs from their latest release “Spudd Light”. The album’s theme of holding on to your youth in itself shows a maturity that the band has achieved.

Shredding since day one, Uncle Spudd has explored a variety of subgenres of rock music. The band has been compared to Weezer, The Ramones, The Clash, The Descendents, and even Buddy Holly but there really only is one Uncle Spudd. They have been releasing original music and videos that span the spectrum from hardcore to traditional Christmas songs.

Spudd Light, the new album, is currently for sale on Bandcamp and at BullMoose Records (online, Bangor, Waterville, & Portland locations). Uncle Spudd will be performing at several venues this Fall. For a complete listing, please look at the Tour Dates pages on facebook:


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