Uncle Spudd Quotes


What People Are Saying About UNCLE SPUDD

“They’re a trio with an excellent drummer, an awesome bass player (formerly with the band and now, just filling in) and a terrific, guitarist/vocalist who leaps a bit every time he sings a phrase as if an electrical current is shooting through him.”

“Here is a band that impresses me with music that reflects the best parts of The Modern Lovers, Wire, The Ramones, The Saints, Dinosaur Jr., The Flaming Groovies, The Feelies, The Violent Femmes, The Replacements, The Pixies- I hear a part of all these great bands in their music.”

“I said before I thought they could become a great punk band. And I feel they already have. But even more so, I’m convinced, that with this album, they’ve just became a great band.”

“I was very impressed with their songs, their casual but exciting performance, excellent rhythm section and effective singer/ guitarist.”

“Great songs with some awesome lyrics and they put on a fun, exciting live show.”

“I do hope they make it down again and if they’re typical of the bands up there, then they certainly represent a strong one.”

“You guys are awesome, Keep up the great tunes and vibes”

“the new album is legit! digging it. song writing is off the charts!”

“it’s Spuddlicious”