Scott Cole

Scott Cole is probably best known for his rock band, Uncle Spudd, but what most people don’t know is that there is a softer side to this rocker. Contemporary, easy to listen to, acoustic songs with personal lyrics inspired by musical influences from across the spectrum.

On his own label, Overcome Records, he has released two EPs and a single. His music can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp and has been several times by his dedicated fans.

Scott is a regular performing his songs at T&B’s in Skowhegan on Friday nights.

Born and raised in Skowhegan, Scott knows Maine and the people that live here. He is a natural showman and will charm his audience with his humble, quick wit and original songs. He writes about simple concepts and conflicts that everyman can associate with, giving the music an instant likability. He has large collection of songs and can play covers upon request.

Scott Cole is available for public and private performances. For more information, please call him directly at (207)-614-4523 or send an email to

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