Adulting – Things Could Still Get Worse (CD)




Released Nov. 23 2018.

from the Portland Phoenix

“One of the things that makes Things Could Still Get Worse a good record, potentially an excellent one, is its ability to avoid the missteps most common to the genre — no cringeworthy lyrical blunders, no overt fealty to one particular band or scene, no sign of too-slick production, no tryhard vibes (looking at you, Beach Slang). All of these are common errors, and have a way of making an album sound silly, outdated, or hard to stomach.” – Nick Schroeder 11/15/18



  1. Bummer
  2. Haireditary
  3. Wish You Weren’t Here
  4. Recliner
  5. People Are Neat
  6. An (Even More) Optimistic Song
  7. That’s Fer True
  8. Couch Life (ft. Frankie Moon)
  9. When Does A Pond Become A Lake
  10. First Things Last