Frankie Moon

“Hello! I’m Frankie Moon! I am a professional Instant Mash Potato cook and I play songs! It’s fairly easy to get me to do both of these things! Ask and maybe I can play a show near you!”

A score plus of years have passed since Frankie Moon landed on this planet, making his home in Madison, Maine for those first, formative years. Where he’s really from, we may never know but this much is for sure; we are very lucky to have him.

Frankie, (a.k.a. Michael Spaulding) first performed some songs he had written at the first of what has become an annual event, the Maine Punx Picnic hosted by the Squashed Warehouse. The songs were from the heart and so was his rendition of them. In one song he sums up a beautiful sentiment shared by many musicians and music lovers: “…and my music and my friends, are the things I hold dear”.

Since that debut, his music has grown expotentaly. He has performed several times as a solo act but most recently has been exploding the rock scene playing bass in his band, Uncle Spudd. He has released two full length albums of original songs that are available to download for free at

His unconventional voice may take you by surprise at first but a short listen to his songs and the honest, heartbreaking lyrics of some of his songs, will make you fall in love with Frankie Moon and soon you’ll be singing along with him.

Included in his long list of original songs, Frankie Moon has given us the breakout hit Dream Queen that has become a much requested, often covered anthem of the Central Maine punk scene.

Give a listen and download his music for FREE on bandcamp. If you like it and want to learn more, follow him on facebook:

And if you’re a dedicated fan, join The Mooninites (the Official Fan Club of Frankie Moon).

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