Angusisdead (one word)

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The music they play is beyond genres, yet they are clearly a spawn of punk rock. They come from all corners of Maine even though there are only three of them. They call themselves angusisdead (one word) and they don’t capitalize it even though it’s a proper noun. They are rebels like that. Even more so, they are rebels musically; refusing the boundaries of what has come before and providing a truly unique and undefinable sound. If I had to, and mind you, only if I had to, I would compare them to Jonathan Richmond or possible early Talking Heads. But angusisdead (one word) needs to be listened to by the individual. And that individual can classify them anyway they see fit. And if you could do a comparison, I bet no two people would classify them the same way. The first time I heard Max Legassie , the lead singer and founder of the band, play, he sang a love song to a cartoon character and I knew I was hearing something special. The first time I heard the drummer Willow Rines, she was playing in another band called Underwater Dogs and wearing a bunny suit. And Dave Milliken, the bass player has been an integral part of the Maine music scene for years. Even though the band members all very young, they carry themselves with a musical maturity of artists twice and three times their age. Angusisdead (one word) is going places.