On a fall night at a show in Skowhegan, 2015, I saw a band called Bummed Out sandwiched between a few other very talented bands. They played for half an hour and I was amazed at the music I was hearing. I couldn’t believe these guys were wasting their time playing such a small venue. They were bound for bigger and better, I thought to myself.  Over the next couple of years Bummed Out went through some changes and has evolved into the band it is today; Adulting. The songs I heard that night ended up being released by Adulting on their album I’m Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy. Stanley Beck brought the group together, writes the bulk of the songs, and plays guitar. Todd Casper plays lead guitar, Pat Nadeau on bass, and Chris Corley on drums. Since that night I’ve gotten to know them and their music and that is why I am so excited to share with you: Adulting.

They’ve been compared to Built To Spill and Say Anything but those comparisons don’t hit the mark. Adulting has a unique sound refreshingly honest in its messages both musically and lyrically. Although the songs are extremely personal and heartfelt, and might seem like they should be acoustic ballads, they rock. The band truly knows how to stir up a crowd. Even when they’re tuning their instrument, they manage to entertain.

Reading about the music isn’t going to bring you any closer to it than this. Please, if you haven’t already, follow the link and listen for yourself.


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