About Me

My name is Dave Colbert and I often work under the brand that I am developing: Rabid Gorilla. For the past few years I have been taking my video camera to small, DIY (Do It Yourself) , independent punk music shows in Central and Southern Maine. I publish the videos on YouTube and promote them on social media. So far, I have recorded over 150 performances of both visiting and local acts. In doing this, I have made several friends and connections in the Maine music scene and been amazed at the undiscovered talent I’ve come across. I have recently repurposed my website and launched Rabid Gorilla Records to take advantage of this untapped resource and expose to the world some of the finest music being made today.

I was born in Massachusetts, the youngest of five, but we moved to Jonesport, Maine when I was ten. After dropping out of college in 1990, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island and then Boston. After ten years in the cities, I moved back to Maine where I have been ever since.

My resume is long and assorted. I’ve spent many years with a headset on while providing customer service to banking and telephone customers. I started my own video rental business before the age of streaming and I spent several years working for a company that makes the metal rings that go inside of Christmas wreaths. I am about to begin my next professional adventure and confident that it will be successful.

Rabid Gorilla has been my website since 2010 and I have used it as a training ground to learn HTML and later, WordPress. It has always been about sharing music in one way or another and it continues that tradition with Rabid Gorilla Records.

For the past year I have been doing promotional work for my friends in the band Uncle Spudd. The members of the three piece band would rather focus on the music than the marketing so I have stepped in to assist in getting the music into the right ears. I have no formal training or education in the music business but I have gathered enormous value from the internet on the subject.