About Us


The Rabid Gorilla name goes back centuries. Okay, not really but sometimes it feels that way. The name was born when I walked out of a college Marketing 101 class and the teacher had just given an inspiring talk about the importance of building your own personal brand. He recommended a book and I read it, Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. After I finished that class, I dreamed of creating a marketing firm call Rabid Gorilla Marketing. I created the logo and fell in love with it. I registered the domain on a manic whim. And for a couple for years, I didn’t do a damn thing with it. The marketing firm needed more than I could offer. It needed real world experience and I didn’t have it. But I had the name… Rabid Gorilla.


After a while, my attentions returned to web design and I launched the website www.rabidgorilla.com not knowing what it was going to be. I posted cartoons and jokes but the most popular feature was when I posted songs from my collection of bootleg recordings. So, I decided to focus on the music. Over the years I had downloaded hundreds of ‘liberated bootlegs’ and I had plenty of quality content to keep the site fresh. I posted songs everyday and then I got into posting entire concerts. I hosted my music off-site and there were fees. The site wasn’t making any money and didn’t have the traffic to ever hope to make money. I had to pull the plug on the site after about a year and a half of great, free, live, bootleg music. But I still had the name.. Rabid Gorilla.

Some years later, I got into videography. Specifically, I got into recording live bands playing small, DIY venues,.. Punk, folk-punk, and alternative music. Rabid Gorilla Video Production Services has released over 150 videos of local and visiting bands playing original music in the thriving Maine punk scene. However, the real prize has not been the footage I’ve captured but the many friendships that recording bands has allowed me. Too many to list here but they’ve been a wonderful addition to my life and I’m thankful for them all. Anyway, I never charged a penny and never made a penny for my video skills so from a business perspective, Rabid Gorilla Video Production Services has been a failure. But,.. I still have the name.. Rabid Gorilla.


It’s 2018 and I’ve witnessed remarkable talent playing to crowds that should be a lot bigger. Punks not dead and we live in times where it’s needed more than ever. As I said, I’ve made several friends by recording bands. A couple of acts, in particular, I have made a special bond with, Uncle Spudd and Frankie Moon. I wanted to promote their music to the world and help out my friends. I did a little bit here and there with some of their videos and when I was adding the end credits to one video I added a link to their Bandcamp page. I had a thought.. Why am I’m I working for Bandcamp for free? I looked into digital distribution and found out that it’s easier than I expected it to be. I found a service that caters to small record companies and from that it was obvious to me what I needed to do. I needed to start a record company, and I already had the name,.. Rabid Gorilla.