About Us

It must of been late 2014 or early 2015. I can’t remember exactly but I was at lunch with my boss at work and he, knowing I was into punk rock, asked me if I would go to a punk show in a church basement in Orono. His son, Ethan, was involved in putting it on an he just wanted another adult there. I can’t remember all the bands but I remember it was raw. Everything about it was raw and amature. Not in bad way, …in a DIY way. Anyway, the headlining act was USA Waste and that night they were trying out a new guitarist. Seriously, it was their very first time playing together and it was in front of a crowd. Did they blow me away?….NO, of course not. It was there first time playing together. They kinda sucked. But the crowd was crazy intense. They danced and slammed and loved it. I left that night with an impression.

Anyway, then I went back to my life and a few months later in the Spring, I lost my best friend, my housemate, and the center of life when my father passed away.  My mother died five years before that so I no longer had anyone to look after and no one to look after me. I did some things I had to do but then I was bored.

I got a hold of Ethan and asked him if he knew where USA Waste was playing again and how to get a hold of them. My plan, at that point was to start up a video production company. However I needed practice and something to film. I ended up getting a hold of Brett Threat from the band and he told me about a show at a little place that would change my life,…the Squashed Warehouse.

So I went.It was September 1st and I brought a camera. The rest of my story with the Maine punk scene is all on my YouTube page. I kept bringing my cameras to shows and meeting people. The video production business never took off. I had business cards made up and everything but frankly, my heart wasn’t in it.

One day, I was adding links to a video I had recorded and I asked myself, my I’m I sending my viewers away?…So, in January 2018, I repurposed my website for my latest venture Rabid Gorilla Records. It’s just about one year later and I’ve had the good fortune of partnering with four of Maine’s most talented artists, Frankie Moon, Uncle Spudd, Adulting, and just recently, Angusisdead (one word).

2019 promises to be an exciting time for Rabid Gorilla. I’ve completed a business plan to take the company to ‘the next level’. March will see the release of the Rabid Gorilla Compilation album. And other huge developments I can’t talk about yet.

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