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About Rabid Gorilla:

Rabid Gorilla Records is nothing like the record labels of yesterday. We simply promote the music of Maine musicians who’s time is better spent making music than trying to get people to listen to it.

There are websites and there are record labels. And then there is Rabid Gorilla. A website and a record label. See I told you.

Now I’ll tell you something else, The revolution isn’t coming …it’s here. And Rabid Gorilla Records is providing the soundtrack.

“It was a raw, heavy sound, born of geographic isolation, boredom, and economic despair”

– From a VH1 Documentary about grunge music

That quote is over 25 years old but it could be about the music coming out of Maine today.

But the music isn’t grunge… it has its origins in punk but it is it’s own sound. Some journalist somewhere will give it a name someday …until them, we’ll call it Maine Punk.

And that what we do at Rabid Gorilla Records. We create, perform, and celebrate local rock music.

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